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>>recipeinfo greybox<< Summary: Makes PmWiki look like MediaWiki/Wikipedia Version: 2009-02-23 Status: Stable Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.1 Maintainer: ~Dfaure Categories: !Skins Download: (:if exists {$Name}-Talk:)Discussion: [[{$Name}-Talk]](:if:) Users: {{$FullName}-Users$Rating2} ([[{$FullName}-Users|View]] / [[{$FullName}-Users?action=edit|Edit]]) >><< !!! About

%rfloat% Attach:monobook.jpg This skin(s)/ is massively inspired from MediaWiki default skin (also originally named @@monobook@@).

MediaWiki is the software used for [[Wikipedia ->]] and the other Wikimedia Foundation websites.

!!! Installation

To use the Monobook skin for your own Wiki, just download, extract it into @@/path/to/pmwiki/pub/skins/@@ and add the following code to your local configuration file:


# Specifies the name of the template file
# to be used to generate pages.
$Skin = 'monobook';


!!! Features

The skin current features are:

  • Full CSS driven (no tables),
  • Wiki actions as notebook tabs,
  • Zoom support (fixed size fonts used only for Wiki actions),
  • Smooth handling of [@(:noheader:)@], [@(:nofooter:)@] and [@(:notitle:)@] directives,
  • Extra directives [@(:noleft:)@] and [@(:notabs:)@] available to hide unwanted sections
  • An extra SideBar bottom block using @@[[{$Group}.SideNote|[={$Group}.SideNote=]]]@@ or @@Site.SideNote@@ pages,
  •  %green%Developed and tested under IE6/7 and Firefox.%% Reported to work with other browsers like Epiphany, Konqueror and Opera (7.54).


Note:The original layout is supposed to handle a 135x135 pixels logo. This explains why the PmWiki logo looks a bit alone in its corner.


!!! Technical hints (advanced user/admin.)

>>redbox<< !!!! Notebook tabs customization

The skin uses the list of action links stored into @@[[{$Group}.PageActions|[={$Group}.PageActions=]]]@@ or @@Site.PageActions@@ pages to generate the notebook tabs (as PmWiki default skin does to display available actions).

%red%The skin layout prevent using @@PageActions@@ pages for defining something else than an action list.

In order to restore the previous skin specific behavior, each action link definition may be followed by a secondary (hidden) link for the rendering of the currently selected tab (aka. for the current action).

Skin previous default behavior would be restored with following sample (Site.)PageActions customization:


  • [[$[View] -> {$FullName}]] %comment%[[{$Group}|{$Groupspaced}/…]]%%
  • [[$[Edit Page] -> {$FullName}?action=edit]]
  • [[$[Page Attributes] -> {$FullName}?action=attr]]
  • [[$[Page History] -> {$FullName}?action=diff]]
  • [[$[Upload] -> {$FullName}?action=upload]]

@] where the first tab is rendered as a link to either:

'[[{$Group}|{$Groupspaced}/…]]': current page group when browsing a page,
'[[$[View] -> {$FullName}]]': browse current page when performing another action on it.

>>bluebox<< !!!! Link decoration

The skin specific link decoration may be dropped with the following code into your local configuration file:


$EnableSkinLinkDecoration = 0;


Sometimes, the decoration applied to external links (whose not generated from group/pages) leads to bad looking rendered output (especially when using images as links). The following image link:



@] is (poorly) rendered as: [[2]]

The solution is to explicitly qualify the link with the [@%wikilink%@] style as if it was "internally" generated. The tweaked image link:


%wikilink% [[3]]

@] is (better) rendered as: %wikilink% [[4]]

Nota (PmWiki version < 2.1 beta 10): when applying this trick to already class-defined elements (such as [@%lframe%@] enclosed images), you need to write explicitely the style definition using atomic class elements (as [@%class='lfloat frame wikilink'%@] in this case):


%class='frame wikilink'% [[5]]

@] renders as:

%class='frame wikilink'% [[6]]

>>greybox<< !!!! Header/Footer customization

Like Grease skin does, several "fixed" parts of the skin (title, wikititle and footer) may be customized from the configuration files via the [@$SkinPartFmt@] array variable with regular markup definitions. The skin defaults are: [@ $SkinPartFmt['wikititle'] = "$WikiTitle - {\$Titlespaced}"; $SkinPartFmt['title'] = '{$Titlespaced}'; $SkinPartFmt['footer'] = ...; @] As an interesting side effect, the [@(:title ...:)@] directive will therefore handle regular markup (emphasis, links, ...). >><<

!!! Contributor


!! See also

  • Category: !WikipediaSuite - more recipes trying to implement useful Wikipedia-like features in PmWiki.

!! History

2009-02-23: Applied some look changes on sidebar. Various internal fixes.
2007-01-25: Fixed @@$EnableStopWatch@@ handling.
2006-12-05: Another fix for Site.PageActions handling.
2006-11-26: Fixed erroneous Site.PageActions handling.
2006-11-17: Added RecipeInfo data. Added footer customization feature.
2006-09-05: Re-enabled RightBar minimalistic support. Code cleanup and synched with latest PmWiki version.
2006-04-28: Oops, fixed the last fixes ;-)
2006-04-23: Fixed several skin issues (noticeably local styles processing).
2006-03-01: Fixed skin link decoration customization.
2006-02-03: Added SideNote handling. Corrected Attachment decoration behavior.
2005-10-06: Added header customization feature.
2005-09-07: Added handling of Site.PageActions (introduced with PmWiki v2.0 default skin).
2005-09-05: Fixed several visual bugs including latest SideBar styling.
2005-08-05: Revamped attachment links. Dropped deprecated WikiHelp link in page footer. Fixed underlined titles style.
2005-06-17: Fixed forgotten (Site.)AllRecentChanges link.
2005-06-16: Corrected RightBar placement and added handling of @@Site@@ group and related directives.
2005-06-10: Added support of RightBar sub pages compatible with %wikilink% (PmWiki:../Profiles/)HansB's (Skins:)Gemini and (Skins:)FixFlow.
2005-06-09: Applied suggested changes and relooked print action.
2005-06-03: Handling of forgotten @@?action=print@@ and minor tweaks.
2005-06-01: Initial release.

!! Comments See Discussion at [[{$Name}-Talk]]